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reliable mississauga SEO company

Reliable Mississauga SEO Company

MYC Interactive is an online SEO company located in Mississauga ON. Our business was founded on trust and services with a focus on long term customer relationships. MYC Interactive is a division of MYC Media Group of companies which include MYC Graphics, Market Your Car and Pixter Studio which have grown to be industry leaders in the printing and marketing industries. Our company wide philosophy is based on quality, service, and reliability with full accountability for everything we do.

Our business model is founded on proper research and reporting to customers. We don’t just promise to get you on the first page for a key word in some time. SEO is much more complicated than that. It is virtually impossible to guarantee a specific standing within a specific amount of time. SEO is a fluid process which requires constant attention. At MYC Interactive we try to educate our customers on what the specific issues preventing a website from ranking high are. We than put together a formal plan on how we plan to increase the ranking of that website. Followed by month reporting of what we have done as well as statistics to prove how what we are doing is working. This process takes time and that is why you can never be 100% guaranteed something when it comes to website SEO.

While we are developing your SEO and trying to get your site ranked higher, there are other SEO companies trying to do the same for their customers. This is the primary reason why online SEO needs constant attention. Every day there are new companies in the industry trying to compete for the same spot. It all really boils down to how the website is setup and build, the amount of quality content, how long your website has existed, the strength of you online marketing strategy, and finally, how much other reputable websites link to your website and talk about your business. The one key factor is that today the quantity of links does not matter as much as it used to in the early days of googles page rank system. Today it is more about the quality. Google assigns a rank to each web page on the internet. If your website has a lot of poorly written pages with content that is not relevant or written in improper English, missing links to other pages on your website, missing <H> tags that should contain the most important and relevant information, and so on – this all will affect your website authority and content relevance. This is why the quality is more important than the quantity.

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