MYC Interactive offers website maintenance & support so that your business stays up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer seamless reliability in affordable monthly fees catered to your digital monitoring needs. MYC Interactive web maintenance is a full-service offering that keeps your website customer-ready.


We make sure your website is up-to-date & error-free

WordPress web maintenance is important for the security and performance of your website. Whether you operate an eCommerce site or a standard website, we offer monthly packages that support websites. Our goal is to provide expert web maintenance services by ensuring key updates and functions are available with little to no downtime.

What we offer

  • Site backups
  • WordPress CMS updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme updates
  • SPAM monitoring
  • Staging Site Setup for testing
  • PHP & Server Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
lady pointing towards a desktop computer screen that is showing website code as part of a Web maintenance activity
Man pointing towards a computer screen with another person typing website code as part of Website maintenance


We create optimized & custom e-Commerce website designs

Our web maintenance service is affordable and available to all businesses requiring full service with little downtime. Back-end web development is always being updated with the latest security features and updates, and our team of experts consistently stays on top of this in order to provide up-to-date service to meet your website monitoring and maintenance needs. We help support websites to their fullest potential, offering a variety of products and features to keep you supported at all times.


Stop playing catch-up with updates.

MYC Interactive’s web maintenance service ensures up-to-the-minute updates are captured for smooth website functioning. Our team focuses on theme changes, plugin updates, troubleshooting, inconsistencies, errors, and so much more. Helping support website’s by ensuring seamless navigation and user-experience is at the forefront of MYC’s offering. Stop struggling to catch up to new updates, let MYC Interactive do the maintenance work for your business.

Woman types website code on the computer as a man stands next to her with a checklist of website maintenance activities
A person checking their website security on the laptop and mobile, image shows various elements that need to be secured


it’s important to keep your website secured at all times.

At MYC Interactive we understand the importance of keeping your website consistently secured. We make sure your SSL certificate is up-to-date. Not having that SSL certificate could hinder your website ranking on Google, making it difficult to improve your SEO. We make sure your SSL certificate is up to par at all times so that your SEO performance never decreases. Website security is crucial to prevent malicious software, spam, and bots from blocking good traffic to your website. Our website security ensures your website has faster load times, increased trust in your website, making sure your customers are more likely to browse and add items to their carts and checkout. Website security is often overlooked and the consequences of that can be devastating. With poor web security, your website is more prone to suffer a form of jacking attack that can steal customer data. 

This can put you in a horrible position in which you may have to pay hefty data-privacy fines and worse, lose the trust of your customers. At MYC Interactive we take care of all your website security so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our Web security includes various types of monitoring such as SPAM monitoring, PHP & Server Monitoring, and Security Monitoring. Contact us now and stay protected!