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MYC Interactive develops custom mobile applications to mobilize the internal aspects of your company and provide your clients (both B2B and B2C) a user-friendly gateway into your offerings.  Our experienced developers have expertise in all major mobile platforms: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.  As a trusted industry leader in web and app development, marketing, graphic design, and strategy, we can take your business to the next level.

Here are 5 Advantages of Having a Mobile App For Your Business:

  • Increases Brand Awareness

  • Personalized To Your Customers

  • Fast & Easy Access To Services

  • Better Engagement Rates

  • Strengthens Your Business

Mobile app design and development proceed in tandem, alongside continual QA testing and formalized UA testing at the culmination of the Design & Build phase. A dedicated issue resolution period follows UA and platform training, and on approval, we publish your new mobile app to the iOS App Store and/or the Google Play store for Android. At this stage, we shift into ongoing Managed Services for support and ongoing feature optimization and development.

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Experts at Mobile application development

When we build custom mobile apps for our clients, we primarily do so using Xamarin in order to take advantage of the platform’s maturity and the efficiency of being able to maintain one codebase that can deploy to iOS, Android, and Microsoft app stores. The majority of our mobile app development projects start with a Discovery Phase. We do the requisite research and up-front work required to identify precisely what should be built, requirements-wise, alongside the approach and effort required.

Following sign-off on the scope of work on the subsequent Design & Build Phases, our clients work with one of our dedicated project teams through completion. We work with you in a highly organized and mature agile manner, following Kanban as a methodology. Standing Progress Review meetings (usually every two weeks) are used to evaluate work-in-progress with you, allowing us to reprioritize or pivot as needed quickly.

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