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We help customers advance their social media marketing, content strategy, and social media marketing campaigns by leveraging the right sources. Perhaps all social media platforms best suit what you offer? Perhaps, only one are two are necessary to reach the right traction for your business. In either case, our digital marketing agency helps you determine the right tools to meet your needs to only get more followers, likes, and shares but how to keep them engaged consistently so your business has a steady growth strategy that won’t fail. SMM consists of many nuances that change from platform to platform. Let us help determine what works well for your business.

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MYC Interactive is a Digital Marketing Agency serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in all areas of digital marketing, including content strategy, and more. We increase conversion rates by obtaining expert knowledge of your brand, your service/product, and your target audience. Interestingly, not all social media platforms are designed in a way that adds value to your business, and we keep this in mind. Factors such as B2B and B2C help us identify your key audience, so we can implement a social media marketing campaign that helps grow your audience and increase shoppers into paying customers. This means more followers, more likes, and more subscriptions so you can become an authority when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Youtube among your competitors.


We provide content strategy, social media marketing campaigns, content creation, and more!

We provide content strategy, social media marketing campaigns, content creation, and more! Our robust social media marketing services focus on social media marketing, analysis, social media marketing campaign, optimizing social media profiles, implementation of solid content strategies, and more. We only suggest what will work best for your business and we stay within your budget. 

  • SMM analysis
  • SMM strategy
  • SMM profile optimization
  • SMM business pages
  • SMM posts
  • SMM content strategy


We perform a social media marketing analysis for your business to ensure the right content strategy and social media marketing campaign is implemented. By using expert social media analysis tools to gather information on customer interactions, we determine optimal ways to help increase engagement across your platforms.


Once we have completed our SMM analysis, our team compile an SMM Strategy for your business. This strategy includes content strategy and serves as an audience targeting plan that starts by setting goals and tracking achievements.


Many businesses fail to take the time to optimize their social media profiles, which can effect your business. This is where our social media consultants step in. We make sure every social media profile is developed and optimized to ensure strong user engagement. In addition, we ensure the right keywords for your content strategy are used across all social media profiles for your business.


A business page is a great way for customers to know what products and services you sell, which is why our team maintains all updates for your business. Our marketing strategists create business pages for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, and ensure constant communication to ensure our designs and content reflect your brand. 


Our team of social media consultants will create, manage, and publish your social media posts, while maintaining your brand’s vision and aesthetic. Your marketing standards and any guidelines previously used are always maintained to ensure the right representation is at the forefront of our strategy. We want to make amazing social media marketing campaigns for you!


We help your business by creating compelling content that engages target audiences – content that customers can relate to or find interesting, including tips, DIYs, how-tos, and more designed with beautiful images and edited videos that showcase your offering and uplift your brand. This transforms into cohesive social media marketing campaigns that increase your bottom line.

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