Month: March 2018

What is Web Development

By Web Master

SO YOU WANT A WEBSITE If you haven’t read our article on “What is Web Design“, we suggest you give it a quick read so you can understand the scope of this article. In that article we explain what a web design is and how it does not mean the same thing as web development…

What is Web Design

By Web Master

Let’s Talk About Web With the increased popularity of the internet, websites have become an almost-standard marketing tool. Because of it’s increased popularity, like anything when it becomes noticed, people have started to use terms such as “web design”,  “web development”, or even “responsive web design and development”. However, just because such terms such as…

What is UX / UI Design

By Web Master

What is UX / UI Design ? Before we go any further, let’s define these acronyms: UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) Quite often these two practices are confused, misunderstood or misinterpreted. As a digital marketing agency, we want to try and help you understand the importance, difference and necessity of both, UX and UI.…