When thinking about key social media marketing tips, the first words that come to mind are familiarity and relatability. Consumers look to social media for fun, interactive, and meaningful brand engagement. With digital platforms outranking brick and mortar retailers, your socials need to stand out. When it comes to strategy, consumers want to see a person with values that contribute to a larger sense of community rather than a corporation. Alongside technical elements of funnels, KPIs, and the inner workings that comprise your strategy, you need to uplift and engage. These are our top social media marketing tips to increase meaningful user engagement!

1. Purpose-driven Strategy

Sure – you want your business to grow and your actual purpose is to make money. Potential customers don’t want to sense this the moment they explore your socials. Including purpose-driven campaigns and postings that speak to users on their level, builds trust. Did you know consumers find a sense of identity through the brands they use? Relevant brands trigger a user’s internal reward system within the brain that strongly influences behaviour. Engaging with users on topics that matter on a personal level, drives business.

Think about what drives your business as a staple within the community? Sharing long-term missions and purpose-driven goals that emphasize social awareness, community engagement, or relatable targets speaks to consumers on a human level and increases trust.

With the rise and need for corporate transparency, businesses are leveraging social media to connect with consumers meaningfully.

  • Create weekly, monthly, or annual campaigns that centre around community-interest themes
  • Use personal stories as the owner or from staff as a way to connect with users
  • Promote sustainability, local economy, and local policies that appeal to your target consumer
  • Be sincere and share what really matters to you

2. Easy Communication & Simple Content

Simple content is about making it easy for users to explore and digest your message. The best way to share potentially complicated thoughts or nuanced themes is through non-complicated means that get to the point. How do you do this? It’s simple – get visual with your digitals. Did you know 91% of online users prefer visual interactive content? Visuals leave a strong impression and make it simple for users to interact. Easy communication and simple content are our top 2 social media marketing tips for meaningful user engagement.

social media marketing tips

Use interactive and cohesive visuals that tell a story and message, simply. You can do that by creating the following to tell visual stories.

  • Infographics
  • Short-form videos
  • User maps and statistics

3. Be On and On-time

It’s great to have nailed down your brand persona, amazing videos, and easily digested stories to garner business. Despite all your effort, you might as well blow it out your nose if you don’t intend to post and run your campaigns on time. Have you ever read hard-hitting news stories and found a few minor spelling mistakes? That’s because minor spelling errors don’t stop important news stories that must be out on time to have an effect. No one wants to hear about an asteroid after it has hit. This same concept can be applied to social media. Create the right content as best as you can, but always deliver it on time!

When running meaningful purpose-driven campaigns using enticing visuals that tell your story, you must post on time! Creating posting schedules and following the best timelines attracts the right users to your business. Creating amazing and desirable content only works when you adhere to strict posting schedules that target strategically.

social media marketing tips

Explore your business’s KPIs to build a social media schedule that enhances your reach.

  • Create calendars you can track
  • Foresee future events and prepare
  • Leverage the best social platforms for your brand
  • Set manageable goals and stick to them!!!!!

Our top social media marketing tips are designed to manifest meaningful user engagement. Leaving a lasting impression with customers through thoughtful strategy, simple content, and timed posting schedules drives business! Trust us, we’re experts.

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