Selling niche products to a small client base or primarily dealing in B2B sales, is not a pass card to forgo an updated and appealing website. Many think that until businesses sell thousands of products, there’s no need to worry about a small business website.  We hate to break it to you, but let us break it down: a website is an ideal and the most convenient resource potential customers use to get to know any business or brand.

If you’re in B2B sales, a website serves as your digital business card to which potential customers will navigate verifying legitimacy and more. Don’t lose business because you’re not online. These are our top 5 features to increase conversion instantly with your small business website.

Use Reliable Hosting with Tech Support

Before getting started on your website, hire affordable and reliable website hosting services. Professional website hosting services ensure around-the-clock protection, while you focus on your brand and offering. Website hosting service providers worry about web elements like speed, backup assistance, tech support, SSL certificates, dashboards, email connectivity, and so much more, as an all-encompassing service. If you have no idea or only half of an idea of the aforementioned means, you need a website hosting provider.

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All-in-one hosting integrates all elements of your website under one roof.

Website hosting service providers also assist with website development. Website development by professionals can be the difference between low-budget and low-quality engagement versus smart websites built and designed to elevate your digital brand. In this way, should things go down or go haywire like Rogers, who temporarily went down across the globe, you will have immediate service before it causes significant interruptions or losses. Although large-scale events like this are rare, a small business can lose impactful business when customers can’t access purchase pages and more.

Get a Content Manager System

Content management systems or CMS are applications to create, edit, and publish content throughout a website. CMS tools include application systems like WordPress, Magento, SquareSpace, Wix, and many more. These application tools allow you to add a variety of plugins and features like counters, blog posting, digital media, an online store, and other engaging and fun features.

We personally love WordPress and help customers achieve original and highly personalized websites using this platform. Firstly, WordPress is open-sourced meaning original code and more are made available and free to users across the globe. If you build a website with the intention of seeking new managers in the future, they will be able to gain access to your small business website and navigate seamlessly. WordPress provides easy solutions to grow your business online and is very secure. Identify the digital experience you’re looking to convey for your small business website to leverage the right content management system.

Engaging Interfaces Elevate your Website

The point at which users or potential customers engage with your website is called an interface. To create a great user interface, you need to combine beautiful design, information, and interaction into one smooth experience. Smooth experiences start with great layouts that meet your branding goals while simultaneously inspiring potential customers to buy. Follow Hick’s Law to ensure fewer stimuli that distract, straightforward features, and optimal design that stands out.

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Build engagement to increase your bottom line.

Expert web designers will implement Hick’s Law alongside key design principles when creating your website. We get it, this sounds complicated – it’s not. Design strategy, laws of stimuli and choices, and seamless integration simply mean your website needs to provide optimal choices in an interesting way that allows potential customers to get from learning about products to buying them, easily. Users depend on you to create easy and fast experiences. A great interface transforms your small business’s simple website into a trusted digital source.

Get to Know SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an amazing yet simple tool you can implement throughout your website using words. Keywords and key statements attract Googlers who may be searching for the exact thing stated throughout your website’s page name, headers, slugs, and throughout your content.

SEO is a free tool that anyone can implement throughout their website using paid sources like ahrefs and Moz to research your market. With millions of pages flooding Google, it’s not enough to include simple words, you need the right words and full statements to ensure your website is “clicked.” If you’re looking to expand reach beyond your current client base using your small business website, search engine optimization (SEO) can help you capture potential customers on their terms, organically.

Website Maintenance Matters

Ongoing maintenance is crucial to the performance and security of your website. Website maintenance and support include services and products that run your site without worry. Maintenance support features to look for include site backups, CMS updates, SPAM monitoring, PHP and server monitoring, security monitoring, and other additions like theme and plugin updates.

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Security support and maintenance keep you and your customers safe when making purchases online and more.

In the random event that something goes wrong or your server becomes breached, professional maintenance plan providers are there fixing the problem before it affects your brand. The last thing your business needs is faulty passwords or platforms that can be easily targeted for malicious ware. Your customers will thank you. Creating a small business website platform where customers are safe to use credit card details, location information, and passwords is paramount to your digital business.

Don’t discount a seamless and well-designed small business website for your brand. Whether you offer B2B services through word-of-mouth or niche-industry B2C products, you can benefit from reliable hosting, content management, engagement, SEO, and helpful maintenance support.

Contact our team today to learn more about our comprehensive support and maintenance service. We offer valuable website hosting to help every big or small business website create buzz and new business.